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Transforming Growth Trajectories:
3BY2’s Expertise Unleashed at Leach Legal

Strategic Roadmaps, Refined Messaging, and Marketing Automation

When we met Leach Legal, they were Perth’s biggest Family Law firm. They had a strong team, strong reputation and strong brand. So, what did they need 3BY2 for? The easiest answer: is a lack of growth.

The more complex answer? Well, there’s a lot to it (funny that). Leach Legal was stuck in a pattern most of our new clients are lost in, too. They were only relying on digital channels to grow their business. More comprehensively, they hadn’t taken a step back to evaluate who their audience truly was and how they would likely find Leach Legal’s offerings.

Our Scope for LEach Legal

Leach Legal

Leach Legal had a strong grasp on their ideal client, but their marketing tactics didn’t consider that. We quickly revealed this to them – in reality, their ideal client was far more likely to refer to their personal and professional networks, industry publications and brand reputation than they were to do a Google search.

Our first step?

Yep, you guessed it. An integrated strategic marketing roadmap. We started by unpacking their key audiences which, by the way, extended past their ideal client. We knew it was necessary (and an untapped opportunity) to identify their key referral network and the partner or spouse of their ideal client type. Then came the customer journey mapping exercise, all the way through the customer life cycle. It wasn’t long until we realised that Leach Legal’s power was in their ability to truly ‘own’ their clients and nail the opportunity to create loyal advocates from happy clients. Leach Legal’s power was in delivering exceptional outcomes and nailing their client touch points throughout.

We can’t profess to be Family Law experts

(give us a break, we’re only human)

so our recommendations came down to refining their customer touchpoints. Marketing automation played an integral role in refining their customer journey, not to mention the visibility of reporting it offered the Leach Legal management team (more on that soon).

Using ActiveCampaign, we were able to map out workflows that integrated seamlessly with Leach Legal’s operation. Three objectives were set out: improve communication with clients at key ‘moments of truth’, reduce time spent on manual client onboarding and offboarding, and empower real-time reporting for inbound leads. How, you ask? Well, we’re not going to give away the secret herbs and spices but let’s just say it involved an intense review of their client journey, administrative processes and building reporting dashboards that gave their executive team the data they craved but could never quite find.

Now, it wasn’t just a case of coming in and looking at their customer journey. Their messaging also needed a bit of TLC. Leach Legal was, and still is, the biggest Family Law firm in Perth (with an office now in Melbourne too) but their key brand message didn’t articulate this. When we met Leach Legal, they were sporting “better outcomes” as their key message. Not bad, right? Well our first question was “better than what?” Being ‘better’ wasn’t enough for them. They were, and still are, the best in the biz. After workshopping some messaging options that would resonate with their key audience, we collaboratively landed on “When you need the best,” – a message that finally felt as strong as the service they delivered. Leach Legal was all about strength, and we were proud to present a brand messaging framework that was strong from the top to the bottom – even down to the tone of voice we needed them to portray.

when you need the best

Leach Legal

The beauty of knowing your voice, your audience and your market position is that, once you do, you can attract the right customer. While we knew paid search (Google Ads) wasn’t the ideal channel for their ideal client, we also knew that they were spending $5k a month attracting duds – and that didn’t sit right with us. With some quick refinements to their bidding strategy, keyword strategy and audience profiling we were able to prioritise quality over quantity. And the best part? The whiz-bang reporting dashboard we built for them proved this.

Leach Legal

One last thing.

We touched on the importance of recognising Leach Legal’s “referral audience” before – so what does this look like now? Well, it would be remiss of us to say that they didn’t recognise this audience before. They did. The issue was they didn’t quite know how to harness the true power of this audience – it lacked structure, objective, motivation and resonance. Well, it makes sense! They didn’t quite know how to articulate their strength to prospective clients let alone businesses that could refer their own clients to Leach Legal. Once the messaging was resolved, we took to an event conceptualisation strategy. They needed a unique event that would help them cut through and connect with referral partners (accountants, non-Family Law firms, etc). We won’t give the secret away entirely, but just know it’s working. We’ve been able to create a brand for these events and seamlessly manage invitations, registrations and communications to support them each quarter. Oh and not to mention, we even made a playlist for the event. Because why not?

Leach Legal

Since starting our journey with Leach Legal, we’ve successfully achieved what their previous providers could never quite achieve: we’ve watched them grow. So much so, in fact, that the number of target clients they seek each month has grown by 22%. That’s not even mentioning that their new clients per month increased by 80% since we started our journey. The thing about growth in business though is you can always grow more. And more. That’s the beauty of our relationship with Leach Legal – we’ve achieved our objectives, watched them succeed and collaborated for their continued future growth. Now that is more than marketing.

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