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Empowering SupaFit Seat Covers: A 3BY2 Managed Marketing Success Story

Driving B2B Excellence and Safety Innovation with SupaSeam Technology.

Before 2018, SupaFit Seat Covers’ marketing efforts existed solely on digital channels. Typical! They’d engaged a “digital marketing agency” about 5 years earlier and didn’t have much to show for it. Unless you count an incomplete website and a $10k bill for Google Ads every month? Yeah. Us neither. It was in 2018 that 3BY2 met SupaFit Seat Covers, and it’s been a beautiful partnership (and friendship) ever since.

Our first step? To sit down with SupaFit and really look at their target audience. We mean really look. From what we could tell, all roads led to their 4×4 audience. At least that’s what their previous marketing provider wanted us to believe. However, we were confident that the answer to ‘who does SupaFit serve?’ was far more complicated. Naturally, a full mapping exercise determining their customer segments and audiences was needed. The result? A fully integrated strategic marketing roadmap that prioritised one thing: spending money on the things that would actually get SupaFit a return on investment. Simple.

Our Scope for SupaFit

SupaFit Seat Covers

We soon realised that their primary focus needed to be on B2B engagement.

Truth be told, the team at SupaFit knew this too but they’d not quite figured out how to crack that part of their marketing strategy. We believed that SupaFit’s brand needed to be refined and elevated to resonate with a B2B audience more effectively, and the rest of their target segments would follow suit from there. And so the rebrand began. Messaging was solidified (more on that soon), the visuals were tightened and a new (highly functional, easy for their internal team to use) website was on the way. And that was just the start.

For us, the low-hanging fruit was in focusing on the safety aspect of SupaFit Seat Covers. Sure, they manufacture high-quality Australian-made seat covers that look the part, but that’s not what fleet owners care about. Or at least, not what they should care about the most. SupaFit’s biggest opportunity was in educating the market about the safety standards (or lack thereof) when it comes to the deployment of airbags in car seat covers. In stepped ‘SupaSeam’ – SupaFit’s answer to documenting and revolutionising seat cover seam technology in Australia. We won’t dig into too much detail here, you can read about it on SupaFit’s website instead, but SupaSeam was one of our golden opportunities for the SupaFit team.

SupaFit Seat Covers
SupaFit Seat Covers
SupaFit Seat Covers


Developing this message wasn’t enough – SupaFit needed to be the first in the market to articulate the importance of safety to their key audiences. What was the answer, you might ask? We’re getting there!

SupaFit Seat Covers

We, being a proud believer in MarTech, started with the audience that SupaFit had already.

Using our off-the-shelf CRM and Marketing Automation software (hi, ActiveCampaign), we conducted a much-needed data cleanse ensuring that SupaFit’s contacts were segmented logically and in an easy-to-digest way for their team.

Using this technology to get the right message to the right people at the right team was groundbreaking for SupaFit. Combining their integral safety message with one of urgency whenever a new car seat release occurred resulted in SupaFit gaining considerable market share across 3 major manufacturers right off the bat. They were able to sew the seeds of meaningful B2B relationships at the click of a button – something they had never dreamed of before, and especially never articulated.

And then there’s the mining sector. SupaFit’s relationships in mining organisations were inconsistent, and they’d never truly been able to crack the code of what matters in mining. Deals take a long time to close, procurement teams are often the decision makers, and reaching the right people can be difficult to say the least. We were relentless in recommending that SupaFit become involved with the Mining Emergency Response Competition in 2023 – Australasia’s largest Mining Emergency Safety games. And it stuck!

Once again, we stuck to our belief in a fully integrated marketing approach. Digital activities (social media, Google Ads, email marketing) that supported traditional activities (radio advertising, print advertising) that supported relationships, that supported one key message: if it’s not SupaSeam, it’s not safe. 

53% increase

in brand awareness

Our strategic team was proud to put together a marketing plan that played across many mediums and SupaFit was stoked to have a plan they trusted so much, they just needed to rock up on the day.

The best part?

We know there are still many opportunities for us to flex our marketing muscles with the SupaFit team.

The growth of our partnership is a proud moment for our crew and we’ve always got our eyes on the road ahead for what lies next. They’ve got the brand. They’ve got the message. They’ve got the reputation, the website, the socials, the technology and now they’ve got the start of some promising mining relationships. Most importantly, they’ve got trust in 3BY2 – and that’s more than marketing. That’s exactly what a managed marketing service should be.

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