Managed marketing services companies in Perth need these technical skills to get ahead

Managed marketing services companies in Perth need these technical skills to get ahead

The technical skills you should look out for in an expert outsourced marketing partner

Soft skills like emotional intelligence and effective communication are key to the success of any managed marketing service provider in Perth. But in addition to these soft skills, agencies need to be technically proficient in several different ways to ensure that clients are provided with a well-balanced service that can meet their marketing objectives and build a strong partnership that will last in the long run.

These are the technical skills we believe are key to the success of any outsourced marketing partner:


Digital literacy

The pace at which marketing has made inroads into the digital environment is increasing daily, driven by rapid advancements in technology and the expansion of the online arena. What this means for marketers who have invested in traditional training is that an added layer of digital proficiency is needed to thrive in the emerging digital economy.

Basic technical skills include social media content writing, community management, data analytics, an understanding of search engine optimization and a broad knowledge of how brands need to compete for real estate in the digital advertising space. Managed marketing services in Perth will attest to the importance of digital literacy as the basic foundation for any effective marketer. As technology continues to drive this trend, these technical abilities will become ever more important.


Campaign management

Outsourced marketing providers in Perth will include campaign management as one of their technical capabilities. From the outside, what your target audience sees as the final product involves countless hours and sweat equity behind the scenes.

Effective campaign management involves being able to manage the time of creatives and other key individuals who design and execute marketing strategies. It also involves implementing client feedback timeously and interpreting this feedback correctly. Once a campaign has been executed, the data gathered during the marketing process will need to be analysed and reports may be required by clients. Sometimes these responsibilities rest with one team member and in other cases, bigger campaigns require entire teams to manage them effectively.



Much of a managed marketing services company’s success will rely on whether they are able to pitch their ideas to clients in a way that is clear and easy to understand. The pitching process can be quite extensive, depending on the nature of the brief, and marketers need to be able to interpret briefs and conceptualise ideas that meet particular objectives.

Pitching is a skill that is developed at the level of tertiary education, but it is also a skill that is developed over time and with experience. The best marketers will be able to put forward solutions that consider the campaign objectives but also the long-term goals of the business. They therefore need to be both proficient at identifying their clients’ immediate needs as well as what they will need to further their businesses in the long term.

We dedicate time and resources into making sure that our team is equipped with both the soft skills and technical proficiencies we need to provide effective outsourced marketing services in Perth.


If this sounds like what you’re looking for, contact us today – we’re keen to learn more about your unique needs as a business.

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