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LinkedIn posts that begin with “I’m delighted to announce I’ve started a new role with ….” give off a kind of… boring vibe we’re just sick of.

We know this is confronting, maybe a bit bitchy, but we feel our position needs to be heard here….

LinkedIn notifies people when you’ve started a new role or you’re celebrating a work anniversary. Spare them the snorefest on their LinkedIn feed and give them something real, something aligned to your values, something on brand. The best hint we can give you is, if your post starts with ‘I’m proud to, I’m delighted, excited to….’ then rethink it or reframe it, go for a little walk and think about what really matters to you.

So, starting with the most important question – ‘what channels should we be posting on?’ – we have some serious choices now. We’ll beat the strategy drum again and suggest you start with your audience and your customer journey. If you don’t want to, then start with 3BY2.

From strategy to execution, we get social and we would love to get to know you.

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