As if the marketing department’s job wasn’t hard enough – enter marketing automation. If you’re just sending email marketing campaigns and wondering why you even do it, we need to chat.

3BY2’s automation can be the secret sauce that connects every single lead in your organisation (B2B or B2C) to every dollar that those leads bring in.

It alerts sales staff to follow-up leads, tracks activities and engagement across all your marketing initiatives and best of all, combined with our wizardry, it puts all of your data into one place – a single source of truth. Meaning you can make informed decisions based on fact, not instinct.

Um, sounds expensive? It actually isn’t, you don’t need to use a new system or even pay for one. We do all the hard work for you and you simply review it in one single dashboard.

Though we’re an Active Campaign partner (and would recommend this in most circumstances), our Marketing Automation team believes that great automations aren’t only dependent on the tool, but on the workflow and logic behind it. We put your outcomes first and provide the right strategic resource to help you meet them.

Whether that’s a simple integration to get a dashboard of your sales or setting up an event day automation that keeps your entire sales team accountable, we’ve got the crew.

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