Here are 3 recruitment facts:

  1. The easiest person you’ll employ tomorrow is someone who works for you today.
  2. The second easiest is someone that one of your happy employees refers to you for an interview.
  3. Your most difficult hire is someone you’ve never met before. Someone you have to find through a Seek ad.

So, how do you ensure you keep your existing employee satisfaction high, and retain as much of your current team as you can?

How do you incentivise staff to find additional talent for you amongst their own networks?

How do you stop paying over $500 per month for job ads that only deliver candidates that are actively looking? What about all the talent currently employed and kicking goals at other organisations?

That’s where we come in.

3BY2 has successfully built employment and retention strategies for some of WA’s leading companies.

We’d love to show you how we do it

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