Google Ads

If you’re on this page you probably know what Google Ads are (if you don’t, read a little further down). There are plenty of “agencies’ that offer Google Ads management, so what makes 3BY2 different? We give a sh*t. Yep it all starts there, because we understand that the cash you pay to Google each month needs to generate a return on investment for your business.

When you use 3BY2 to manage your Google Ads, you will know every lead that is generated from the ads and every cent that your company makes from it. Our job doesn’t stop at optimising an ads campaign, it extends through your entire customer buy cycle to attribute your spend to your revenue. This is the 3BY2 difference. If you need transparency, you need to speak to us.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA), also known as Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, is a type of online advertising in which businesses place ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) to promote their products or services. When users search for specific keywords related to the business or its offerings, the ads will appear at the top or bottom of the search results page, marked as “sponsored” or “ad”.

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