Here’s how managed marketing services in Perth can improve your bottom-line

Here’s how managed marketing services in Perth can improve your bottom-line

3 ways you can boost the profitability of your business using outsourced marketing

Since 2008, the amount of Australian dollars that companies have spent on digital advertising has increased year on year. This is a signal of an important shift in the tools that marketers need to use to reach audiences. It’s also a sign that that the ageold principles of marketing and advertising that led to a boom in these sectors in the 1950s, still hold true. Effective marketing has the power to change the game, and partnering with an outsourced marketing company in Perth can do exactly that for your bottom-line.

Ultimately, increasing profitability is the basis of every business objective. Here are 3 ways that marketing can positively impact your profit margin.


Effective marketing can boost revenue

Managed marketing services companies dedicate entire divisions to building what is known as a sales or conversion funnel, and using marketing to guide customers through the funnel from onboarding to conversion.

Ultimately, the job of any marketing specialist is to drive revenue by boosting sales and making a direct impact on a business’s bottom-line. This really is the mainstay of any marketing strategy. And if tailored correctly, that strategy can help your business find and nurture leads and convert those leads into sales. Whether you work with a sales team to sell your goods and services or run an online business that is able to process direct sales, marketing is the way you’ll get your customer to the doorstep of your business. The rest is all about doing good business.


Marketing can encourage repeat sales

Did you know that in today’s economy, over 60% of a company’s business will come from repeat sales? It’s also far cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire one. Herein lies a golden opportunity that a lot of companies unfortunately miss out on. And it’s an opportunity that can be leveraged by using a targeted marketing strategy.

You can use outsourced marketing services to generate interest around a loyalty programme, build a customer feedback loop, start a company newsletter to raise awareness around your unique value proposition or launch a customer education program. In marketing you’ll find several solutions to retaining your customers and building a loyal customer base that will sustain your business in the long term.


Effective marketing can reduce sales-related costs

Tracking and interpreting data is a cornerstone of business for the majority of B2B marketing services companies in Perth. This is because data has the ability to revolutionise the way you spend your marketing budget.

If you’ve decided to invest in building a sales team, that’s a great place to start. But salespeople are less effective when they do not have clear direction and inside information into trends like consumer behaviour, spending patterns and lifestyle changes.

Marketing data has the ability to generate insights into the habits of your target audience, which is a powerful tool in the hands of a diligent sales team. With the ability to make data-driven decisions, you can reduce the amount of money you waste on “cold leads” and focus on the customers who are ready and willing to buy your goods or services. Data can be used by salespeople on the ground or telesales agents to inform their communications and tailor their approach to talk to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Choosing a managed marketing services company in Perth is an important part of your business journey. Forming a solid partnership with a company that understands your needs and your short- to long-term goals can provide the foundation you need to take your venture to the next level.


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