What to look for in a managed marketing services company in Perth

What to look for in a managed marketing services company in Perth

3 tips on how to choose an outsourced marketing service

The tide of digitisation has accelerated technological innovation, connecting the world via new channels and prompting entrepreneurs to find inventive ways to carve their niche in the digital economy. Estimates put the number of workers in Australia’s digital sector at 1.1 million by 2026. What this means for brands is that competition for market share is increasing and social currency is more valuable than it’s ever been. The need for businesses to build strong partnerships with managed marketing services in Perth is growing, driven by the increased demand to become a signal in a “noisy” online environment.

The first step in choosing an outsourced marketing company in Perth is to align with a company that is able to demonstrate a clear understanding of your company’s vision and to execute campaigns that meet short-term objectives but are always cognisant of the bigger picture. Once this alignment is clear, you should consider the following:

Clear communication

One of the most important factors that the success of your marketing strategy will rely on, is clear communication. When meeting with a prospective managed marketing service, connect with the account manager/s and get a feel for their style of communication. Key aspects to look out for include the ability to follow instructions, the ability to accept feedback and the ability to share insights and opinions in a proactive and constructive way.

Industry knowledge

While it’s not always necessary to select a company that services your industry exclusively, it may be useful to check whether your preferred B2B marketing service in Perth has specialist knowledge of your sector. You can ascertain whether they have this understanding by asking them to provide case studies that outline the brief, their chosen solution and the results of the execution. Knowledge about the inner workings of your sector will be very useful in crafting marketing messages and ensuring that you communicate in a way that is targeted and engaging to your audience.


One of the biggest advantages of marketing in the digital space is its measurability. The team you choose to manage your marketing needs to be able to set deliverables that are measurable and trackable. With the array of analytics tools that exist, you’ll be able to pull and analyse important metrics that will help you make data-driven decisions going forward. Setting measurable goals will ensure that you spend your marketing budget efficiently.

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