The skills shortage and its impact on managed marketing service firms in Perth

The skills shortage and its impact on managed marketing service firms in Perth

B2B marketing services specialists are in high demand in Australia

For the past few years, Australia has faced a growing skills shortage across several industries, which are struggling to fill roles for professionals in a number of different capacities. The managed marketing services industry in Perth is no exception. According to a recent report by the Hays Job Report, data-based marketers are in high demand, as well as SEO digital marketing and social media specialists.

A number of reasons are thought to be at the crux of the skills shortage, including the rising tide of data and the increasing competitiveness of the digital landscape. Essentially, the digital environment is expanding at a rate that far exceeds the rate of skills development. This is a phenomenon that is occurring globally, but as a number of outsourced marketing service companies in Perth have reported, the competition for expertise and the best talent in the sector is fierce.

With the advent of big data, marketing has become measurable, down to the last click. Marketers are even able to track and analyse data related to eye movements to inform decisions around ad placements and content strategy. In order to thrive in this environment, marketing professionals need to have advanced technical skills as well as the skills that have been traditionally associated with the sector. Their roles now include analysing large quantities of data and drawing insights into aspects such as consumer spending patterns, online content consumption, brand-consumer sentiment and search patterns.

Data has essentially taken the guesswork out of marketing and has equipped brands with the ability to predict trends and make forecasts that are more accurate and targeted to specific audience segments. As such, the marketers of the future are individuals who are comfortable with presenting strategies and results to the C-suite and producing work that meets the business’s unique objectives.

Ultimately, these developments herald a shift from the demand for specialists to the demand for generalists, particularly in B2B marketing service companies who require a sound balance of technical and “soft skills” like communication, strategy, time management and team work. For agencies and marketing companies, collaboration has become an important tool for growth. This entails both external collaborations with other companies and brands, and internal collaboration with marketers who possess a broad and adaptive skillset that can provide multi-faceted solutions to creative problems.

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