How to find the best marketing agency for the accounting and finance industry

How to find the best marketing agency for the accounting and finance industry

Advice on how to choose a marketing agency for financial services

When selecting a marketing and advertising agency in Perth, there are specific aspects you may wish to consider, which are specific to your industry. Some agencies have a generalised client base covering a range of sectors from banking and retail to consumer goods and professional services. Other agencies have more specialised services that apply to niche industries.

This article will give you an idea of what to look out for in a marketing agency that’s best suited to the accounting and finance industry.

Industry knowledge

The financial services industry is a significant contributor to GDP in Australia and a cornerstone of the economy. Over the past few years, the tide of digitalisation has accelerated rapidly due to technological advancements. This has given rise to an entirely new market of competitors, specifically in the emerging Fintech industry, where companies are using innovation to change the way consumers think of and interact with financial services.

When looking for a marketing agency for financial services specifically, ask the team key questions about the development of the industry as well as what it means for how financial products and services should be marketed in future. A good agency will demonstrate wide industry knowledge and be able to talk to aspects such as how your target audience may differ from your competitors, unique opportunities that exist within the industry to set your brand apart and how changes and industry trends are likely to influence how you execute a marketing strategy.

Dual focus on current and potential clients

Unlike other industries in which the onboarding of clients for single purchases may be the main focus, in the financial services sector, the success or failure of a company rests on its ability to onboard new clients while retaining existing ones. In fact, as statistics show, the cost of retaining a customer is substantially less than onboarding a new one. In financial services therefore, marketing needs to be focused on helping companies build long-term relationships with their clients, which requires a dual focus on new and potential clients.

As such, you need to ask your prospective marketing agency for their take on the strategies and methods you need to employ beyond your first campaign. From the onset, they need to be able to offer you suggestions and ideas on how you can convert clients and retain them for a prolonged period of time by foregrounding aspects such as customer service and client relations.

Preferably your agency of choice needs to be able to demonstrate how they’ve used their industry knowledge and data to inform their decisions on marketing strategies and tools for other clients. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect in terms of rolling out campaigns that will reinforce the longevity of your brand and focus on aspects such as building online communities rather than generating once-off sales.

Whichever marketing agency you choose to partner with to help you market your accountancy/finance business, ensure that you lay the groundwork for building a long-lasting relationship.

We’d be honoured to demonstrate how we can provide you with marketing and advertising services that are tailored to the unique needs and nature of your specific industry.

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