Have you considered these aspects when choosing a marketing agency for your tourism company?

Have you considered these aspects when choosing a marketing agency for your tourism company?

Advice on how to choose a marketing agency for tourism products and services

Australia is a world-renowned tourism and travel destination. Its tourism sector holds massive growth opportunities for creative entrepreneurs who are able to capitalise on the trends that are driving the evolution of the industry. These include wellness and medical travel as well as green travel or eco-tourism.

In this exciting landscape, finding the right marketing and advertising agency in Perth could be the key to gaining a competitive edge and establishing your tourism brand as a leading supplier of products and services to the growing marketing of global travellers.

Before you choose a marketing agency for your tourism products and services, make sure they tick these three boxes.

Knowledge on the specific geographical region

Although it’s not necessarily vital that the marketing agency you choose to work with is based in or has experience in the country in which your brand operates, it is important for the team to demonstrate a thorough understanding of how travel differs from country to country.

Each country will have its own set of travel regulations, its own unique selling points and most importantly, its own way of talking about its main attractions. For example, if you’re a brand that’s targeting a young audience, you may find it useful to use vernacular and slang words in your marketing message. The agency you choose to work with needs to have a good understanding of the relevant language and how to communicate in a way that is engaging and persuasive.

The ability to segment your target audience

As a tourism company, your target audience may be fairly broad, especially if you’re marketing a number of geographical regions. A strategy that many marketing agencies employ when marketing tourism products and service is to segment your target audience according to each demographic’s unique needs and preference.

For instance, within your target market you may have luxury travellers who value accommodation options with high star ratings, you may have another audience segment that looks for discounted travel deals, or another audience segment that looks for extreme sport activities when they’re choosing a travel destination.

Segmenting your audience will allow you to create targeted campaigns that speak the language of each segment by appealing to their preferences, interests and buying behaviour. Although finding an agency with a broad knowledge of the tourism industry is a great place to start, ideally you need your marketing agency to be able to home in on the finer details and find ways to leverage the characteristics of your target audience to create multiple touchpoints along the sales journey.

Experience with remarketing

Consumers who buy tourism products and services are most likely being served multiple ads on a range of platforms both offline and online. This is because the tourism landscape is one of the most competitive sectors in the world. To differentiate your brand, you will need to ask your agency for advice on the most effective ways to remarket your product and service to your prospective clients.

Unlike in other industries, tourism consumers may need to be served an ad or a piece of content multiple times in different ways before they actually buy the product. Remarketing is therefore one of the most effective ways to onboard clients and has proven to be particularly successful when it comes to tourism products. Remarketing strategies can be highly technical, so finding an agency that can do it in a cost-effective way is key.

We regard ourselves as being creative and strategic thinkers – we’re a team that values out-of-the-box thinking that will help set our clients apart in their respective industries.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency for your tourism company, we’ll gladly assist you and point you in the direction of strategies that will increase your customer base, help you build a brand following and raise awareness around your products and services. Contact us today for a free preliminary consultation.

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