2 of the leading strategies that come highly recommended by B2B marketing agencies

2 of the leading strategies that come highly recommended by B2B marketing agencies

Have you considered employing these marketing tactics in partnership with your B2B marketing agency?

B2B marketing comes with its own set of challenges that are unique to the industry. In general, marketing to other businesses requires consistent and targeted efforts that are tailored to each step along the sales funnel. For a B2B marketing agency, this means helping brands strategise for the long-term rather than generating once-off sales as would be required in the B2C marketing arena.

For the majority of B2B companies, their unique selling proposition needs to be attractive and compelling enough to convince key individuals in other businesses to make an investment into a product or service. Traditionally, strategies like networking have been used by marketers to reach specific audiences as well as employing dedicated sales teams. However, the digital environment has opened up several avenues of opportunity for brands to win market share by thinking creatively and using innovation to gain a competitive edge.

These are 2 of the strategies that your B2B content marketing agency may employ to market your brand effectively:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC marketing is one of the most proficient ways to reach your target audience as a B2B company. The brilliance of PPC is that it targets individuals who are already searching for B2B products or services using search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as specific keywords that are relevant to your brand.

As an inbound marketing strategy, PPC works by allowing brands to place digital advertisements on the results pages of search engines for specific keywords. For example, if your B2B company is trying to sell accounting software to other companies, your agency may opt to compete for keywords such as, “accounting tools for business” or “best accounting software.” When you successfully place a PPC ad, it will appear at the top of the search engine’s results page when a user searches for those particular keywords. And as research continues to show, brands who appear higher on results pages are more likely to get higher click-through rates.

Another great aspect of PPC marketing is that you as the brand will only pay when users click on your ad. This gives you the opportunity to optimise your marketing spend and only use your budget on leads that are already interested in what you have to offer.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Very much like PPC marketing, SEO focuses on helping brands to capture the attention of users that are searching for specific keywords using search engines. The major difference between PPC and SEO is that while PPC involves having to compete for a keyword and pay for a high rank on the results page, SEO is an organic marketing strategy.

Essentially what effective SEO involves is making sure that the content on your website is keyword rich. For example, one of the first tasks your B2B marketing agency might tackle is ensuring that on the backend of your website, the relevant keywords have been incorporated into your meta-descriptions, your meta-tags and your slugs (the last section of a URL address). The next step would be to optimise the content on your site for specific keywords in a way that doesn’t compromise the quality or value of the content.

Additional tactics such as external link building will be used to ensure that your website is linked to other sites in the local and global network, which will improve the relevance of your content and therefore boost your page ranking over time. Optimising your site is of crucial importance for B2B companies who source the majority of their leads from search rather than other strategies like direct cold calling. For this reason, some B2B marketing agencies dedicate entre departments and teams to nurturing and perfecting their client’s SEO performance. Success in this area requires an intricate balance of soft skills as well as technical knowledge.

If you’re interested in how the above strategies can help you in achieving your unique business objectives, feel free to chat to us. As a B2B digital marketing agency based in Australia, we have valuable industry knowledge and experience with working with brands in the B2B space.

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