The creative and technical benefits of hiring professional web developers in Perth

The creative and technical benefits of hiring professional web developers in Perth

Working with a web design agency could be the key to unlocking the potential of your small business website

The world of web design and development has changed indelibly since the formative years of digital marketing. Open-source software and CMS (Content Management System) technology has made it possible for small business owners to flex their creative muscles and be more actively involved in the building of their websites. But while taking the DIY approach to building a website is an option, learning how to do it from scratch and enhancing your skillset with basic coding skills can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

The most effective way of building a small business website is to take a hybrid approach – one that involves working with experienced web developers in Perth who can offer you expert insights, while also adding your own flair and bringing your in-depth knowledge of your target audience to the creative process.

These are 2 of the main reasons why working with a web development company could benefit your business:

Creative advice and expertise: an understanding of industry trends

Web design as an industry, is in a constant state of flux, driven by the influence of technological innovation. It’s fascinating how different tech advancements have catalysed new trends on how online users choose to interact with and consume content online.

Just a few years ago, parallax effects were all the rage this functionality creates a faux 3D effect as users scroll down a webpage, by overlapping and displacing different layers of content or backgrounds to create an optical illusion. A few years after that, web design returned to the world of 2D, with flat, retro graphics and user interfaces being ‘trendier’ than their more futuristic, 3D counterparts. More recently, web design agencies have delivered websites that can scroll horizontally instead of vertically, creating an entirely new visual experience.

When you work with a team of web developers in Perth, they will be able to offer advice on which trends will work for your business in terms of how you need your target audience to experience your website, the main goal or call-to action of the site and whether you plan to update the website again in the near future. You may choose an on-trend aesthetic and experience because it reflects your target audience’s preferences. Alternatively, you may choose to keep it classic and employ techniques that will keep your site looking and feeling ‘evergreen’. These are the kinds of decisions a web design agency will be able to assist you with.

Technical advice and expertise: the importance of website responsiveness

With the skyrocketing of mobile penetration throughout the world, more and more online users are using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads and e-readers to access websites. As a result, web design and development in general, has shifted away from taking a desktop-first approach to design, to developing websites that are more readable and optimised for mobile.

Web development companies call the technical art of making websites more widely accessible, responsive design. The responsiveness of your website; or its ability to adapt to several types of devices with different screen sizes, functionalities and visual layouts, is a crucial contributing factor to its effectiveness in meeting your business objectives.

This is an example of an area in which working with web developers in Perth will set you in good stead to build a website that is of international standard, with a design and structure that has taken into account how devices are evolving and what impact this makes on how people experience online content.

If you’re considering working with a team of web developers in Perth who can deliver your vision for your website and offer their professional advice on how you can make it work for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today – we’re keen to learn more about what you would like to achieve using your website, and help you to meet those objectives.

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