3 clear advantages of consulting with a WordPress web developer in Perth to build your website

3 clear advantages of consulting with a WordPress web developer in Perth to build your website

This is why WordPress web design agencies recommend using WordPress rather than Shopify

If you’re a small business owner looking to build your first website, you’ll undoubtedly encounter a range of options including the use of a CMS, or Content Management System. You will also be introduced to platforms such as Shopify as well as several other web design tools. For several reasons, opting to work with a WordPress web design agency in Perth is your best bet; not only in terms of cost-effectiveness but also in terms of the adaptability of WordPress to meet different needs for different kinds of businesses. We explore this in more detail below:

WordPress shines when it comes to pricing

The WordPress and Shopify pricing plans are slightly different because they are tailored for specific online audience groups and for different costing needs.

Shopify offers three packages ranging from Basic to Advanced, each of which allows for a different degree of functionality. With a Basic plan, which costs $19 per month, you can build an online store with two staff accounts, unlimited products and 2.0% transaction fees. With the Advanced package, costing $299 per month, you get added benefits such as up to 8 inventory locations, advanced reporting and 0.5% transaction fees.

WordPress however is completely free and will remain free unless you decide not to use a free theme or plugins. WordPress has been designed to meet the needs of small businesses at every stage of their business journey, so as you grow your business and audience, you can upgrade your plan to expand your reach.

With the Personal Plan, which costs $4 per month, you get a free domain for one year, unlimited email support and reliable hosting. The most expensive WordPress plan is eCommerce and costs $25. In terms of value for your money, it’s the Full Monty. With it, you can accept payments from over 60 countries, integrate Google Analytics, gain access to premium themes, earn advertising revenue and get live chat support.

Pricing is where WordPress really shines, and why WordPress design agencies have been able to reach and collaborate with clients across the board in terms of size, revenue and scope of work. It is currently the most cost-effective CMS (Content Management System) in the world and remains one of the most popular options for small businesses.

WordPress has a large support network

One additional reason why WordPress web developers in Perth opt for WordPress rather than other CMS or web design systems is the strong network of support that is available. Shopify, for example, offers help and support across several mediums including the Shopify community, email tickets, a live chat solution and resources in the Shopify Help Center.

WordPress also has a variety of resources that help users to set up their site, optimise it for e-commerce and install the software from scratch. The appeal of WordPress however, goes beyond the level of support you can find on the website itself. Because WordPress is one of the earliest examples of an open-source CMS that has mass market appeal, it has led to the mushrooming of forums, developer tool groups, advice panels and blogs all dedicated to providing users with support.

This user-generated support network is immense and can provide assistance for users at any level whether they are rookie coders, complete non-coders or established web developers looking to create masterpieces online. When you choose WordPress, you’ll be able to troubleshoot issues using these online forums and try various solutions and ways of problem-solving that have been tried-and-tested by the broader global community. For this reason, WordPress web design agencies in Perth highly recommend it as a development platform that provides endless opportunities for customisation.

WordPress enables good SEO

Search engine optimisation is the practice of using various content development strategies to make it easier for Google (and other search engines) to index the site and rank it as being highly relevant to specific search terms. WordPress web design agencies are often tasked with getting their clients’ websites as far up on the search engine results page as possible. To do this, they rely on a suite of tools and strategies, enabled by plugins like Yoast, which has set a global benchmark for making SEO easier for anyone who writes and uploads content to a WordPress site.

Shopify also provides a fair amount of SEO features, plugins and extensions. Many of these come in the form of tools that developers and content managers use to add custom meta titles, URLs, redirects and product descriptions.

But again, the fact that WordPress has been around since 2003 counts in its favour, Over time, the WordPress development community has tailored its plugins and SEO support features to suit the way in which Google develops and launches new algorithms. This of course has far-reaching benefits for the SEO performance of WordPress sites.

If you’re interested in what a WordPress web design agency in Perth can do for you and your business objectives, allow us to tell you why we agree. Connect with us and we’ll gladly talk you through some of the main benefits and why we believe it to be the most effective web design solution available.

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