3 key steps to creating a professional small business website

3 key steps to creating a professional small business website

Web design companies recommend these strategies for building a successful small business website

As a small business, your website is your digital connection to the world – a primary way of interfacing with your target audience. When you set out to build your website and optimise it for goals such as sales conversions, lead generation and brand awareness, there are a number of factors to consider. Working with a web designer company in Perth that has experience with helping small businesses grow in the digital arena will give you valuable insight into some of the creative tactics and strategies that drive success online.

Although the structure and aesthetics of your website will depend largely on what you aim to achieve by using it as a marketing platform, these tried-and-tested methods, recommended by web development companies in Perth will set you in good stead to build a website that is presentable, professional and highly effective:

Make the navigation intuitive

Online users have attention spans that last for only a few seconds. What this means for brands and how they design their websites is that the information a user is looking for needs to be immediately available and highly visible, or you run the risk of losing a potential sale.

There are many ways in which a Perth web design company can help you build a website structure that is easy to navigate. Some of these include basic user-experience (UX) principles like ensuring that content on the site is easy to scan, the style of graphic elements like call-to-action buttons, borders and page dimensions are consistent, and that the hierarchy of the web pages makes intuitive sense.

Invest in an engaging user interface

The world has become a more visual place, and online users are more likely to engage with content that is visually stimulating than they are with content that consists of lengthy text or pixelated graphics, for example. This is where web development companies in Perth really shine.

An experienced graphic designer will be able to help you choose the right fonts for your website to ensure smooth and easy readability. Striking design work is also a vital component of an engaging interface as well as the strategic use of colour. There are several other factors that will need to be considered, such as the right balance of positive and negative (white) space and keeping the aesthetic of the website as clear and simple as possible. In an age where form matters just as much as function, investing in a beautiful user interface will go a long way.

Publish good quality content

In Google’s formative years, website publishers could get away with posting sub-standard content that was difficult to read or unclear. But, in just a few decades, the internet and its most popular search engines have become saturated, with countless businesses vying for their place in the sun. What will set you apart online as a small business is good quality content.

Written content in particular, needs to be error-free, grammatically correct, interesting to engage with and highly rated in terms of readability. Whether the web design company you collaborate with is in charge of producing written content or whether you play a more active role in the process, content needs to be quality- and sense-checked by someone with an acute understanding of the target audience and the way in which they consume content.

Google has developed a number of algorithms that reward websites for publishing content that is relevant by pushing those websites further up on search results pages. Investing in quality content therefore will not only increase your chances of converting customers but will also contribute to boosting your website’s visibility.

If you’re a small business owner who would value input and advice from a team of experts from a Perth web design company, then we’ve got what you’re looking for. Connect with us for a free consultation and we’ll help you assess the best way to build a website that meets your business objectives.

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