Mastering Lead Scoring: Elevate Your Digital Marketing Strategy with 3BY2’s Expertise

Unleash the Power of Marketing Automation to Prioritise and Convert Leads Effectively


If you’ve ever been engaged or approached by a digital marketing agency, odds are they’ve thrown around a few buzzwords (maybe more than a few). Borne from the digital revolution and technology advancements allowing us to hone in on customers more and more, comes one buzzword in particular. Well, technically it’s two words: lead scoring. But what the hell is lead scoring anyway? You’re about to find out. 


Lead scoring is fancy terminology for how your business can rank and prioritise leads. Technology these days allows you to get a strong gauge of potential customers’ engagement with your brand and their likelihood of becoming a customer. Using lead scoring can empower your team to put your sales and marketing dollars where they’ll be the most valuable – focussing on getting the right message to the right people at the right time. 


How can you make the most of lead scoring? We thought you’d never ask! 

  1. Know your audience and define your ideal customer profile. Define the characteristics of your ideal customer, including demographics, interests, and buying behaviour. 
  2. Identify lead behaviours and actions. If you know the behaviours and actions that matter to your business, such as website visits, email opens, and content downloads, you can factor these engagements into your lead-scoring process. 
  3. Assign point values to each behaviour or action based on its level of importance and its relationship to your ideal customer profile.
  4. Score each lead based on their behaviour and actions, using the point values you defined. Once you’ve defined those behaviours, stick to them! 
  5. Prioritise your leads based on their score, focusing your sales and marketing efforts on the leads that have the highest score and are most likely to become a customer.


Perhaps the question then becomes, “but how?” Marketing technology (MarTech) is how! Marketing automation, website analytics and engagement metrics are all powerful tools when it comes to identifying a customer’s true engagement levels. And no, we’re not talking about vanity stats here. You shouldn’t care that a potential customer visited your website once – odds are, they’ve done the same to your competitor. The power of MarTech is in understanding when they’ve visited your website multiple times, the pages they’ve visited and which of your business’ proof points they’re most interested in. 


Lead scoring is a valuable tool for prioritising leads and improving the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. The most important thing to consider is how you’ll actually use it. Data is nothing without insight, action and process to create impact. If you can effectively score your leads to the point where your sales and marketing team know exactly what to do next, you’ll be pretty bloody well off. And if you’re not sure where to go next, that’s what we’re here for! Let’s chat. 

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