3 reasons why WooCommerce should be your go-to for building an e-commerce website that converts

3 reasons why WooCommerce should be your go-to for building an e-commerce website that converts

WooCommerce has proven highly effective in enabling the performance and reliability of e-commerce websites in Perth

WooCommerce is a free e-commerce plugin that is compatible with CMS (Content Management System), WordPress. As an open-source software supported by a large network of developers from around the world, WooCommerce has revolutionised the capabilities of e-commerce website design and made it possible for small businesses to sell their products and services in a way that is seamless, secure and safe.

Currently, WooCommerce is used by over 2 million e-commerce sites around the world and has been lauded as one of the simplest, most versatile tools to enable and drive online sales. There are so many things you can do using WooCommerce, from managing your inventory to selling subscriptions, securing payments, managing tax payments and integrating your shipping procedures into the checkout process.

These are just three of the reasons why using WooCommerce is the way to go:


If you’re one of the 455 million online users who have used WordPress to build your website, then turning it into an e-commerce store is literally as easy as installing WooCommerce. Because WooCommerce is an open-source plugin, it’s free to use and can be customised in an endless number of ways to meet your needs as a business.

Its adaptability is one of the key reasons why many e-commerce web design agencies opt to use WooCommerce and introduce it to new clients. While other plugins and platforms come stock standard with a few customisation options, WooCommerce is designed for people who want to play and experiment with different themes, layouts, setups, page hierarchies and functionalities. Because of this high level of adaptability, you can use WooCommerce to test different site structures and features in order to optimise your site for conversions.


WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress, so if you’re familiar with how to load content and manage your WordPress site, you’ll find it super easy to navigate your way through WooCommerce to add products and pricing, create product categories, run sales, optimise your inventory reports and do it all while using a beautiful interface.

It is currently the most popular e-commerce software in the world because it can be used by people with any level of digital proficiency, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans of the coding world. There are countless tutorials and guides online that can help first-time users to perform all the basic tasks you need to complete to get your store running efficiently. If you opt to collaborate with an e-commerce website designer in Perth, ask them about how you can acquire training on using WooCommerce if you are a non-coder. It’s really quite simple and incredibly user-friendly, which will save you web development and content management costs in the long run.

A plugin for everything

The WordPress community of developers is constantly working behind the scenes to find ways to diversify the WordPress product and service offering. And because WooCommerce is open-source software, literally anyone; from basic coders who have just started out to advanced developers who can design complex operating systems, can add to the WordPress offering by designing and launching a plugin.

Over time, this has fostered a strong community of developers who believe in the power of WordPress and its ability to enable seamless e-commerce, using the WooCommerce plugin. There is a plugin for everything you’d like to do with your e-commerce site. Using a plugin you can enable international payments in a host of foreign currencies or you could speed up the checkout process and reduce cart abandonment. Other plugins that are highly recommended by e-commerce web design agencies allow you to enable multilingual functionality, generate PDF invoices and reduce shipping-related queries.

We use WooCommerce to enable powerful e-commerce websites across a range of different sectors, with exceptional results. If you’re looking for an e-commerce website designer in Perth who understands how to optimise WooCommerce and maximise the revenue-generating potential of your online store, we’re the people to chat to. Connect with us today and we’ll tell you more.

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