Specialist Services

If you have an existing in-house team but need a specialist skill set to help you with a specific task, we’ve got the Crew.

Marketing isn’t a lone wolf’s game. You need a pack of superstars to get the best outcomes. The 3BY2 specialist crew are experts in their field, not generalists, which means when you engage 3BY2 for some specialist work, you’re going to get an outcome, not a disappointment.


Strategic Consultant

We have a team of strategic legends to assist you with all-encompassing marketing strategies or discrete strategic needs.

  • Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Journey
  • Digital Strategy (and very specifically – Paid Strategy, SEO Strategy and Social Media Strategy)
  • Digital Transformation and Technology –  including CRM, Marketing Automation and Requirements Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy


Brand & Design

Sometimes it’s just so nice to work with a graphic designer who is an expert in their craft and gets an outcome that excites you. We have a team of graphic designers available for specialist support roles. They can provide overarching advice on an existing concept, be with you to provide design support from day one or come in to produce a professional outcome on something you just haven’t managed to polish internally.


Communications & Content

It’s not like you can’t write, but do you have the time?

We have a content crew specifically focused on SEO content writing as well as a Communications team who live and breathe a press release, an annual report or a capability statement. We assist organisations across Australia to develop their market updates, their information memorandums and/or their shareholder presentations. With a keen eye for detail and a master of story telling, our content and communication specialists can only make you look better.


Digital Marketing

Most digital specialists are jacks of all trades but masters of none. Why is this dangerous? Because the word ‘specialist’ wasn’t meant for Jack, it was meant for the Master! Paid Search, Paid Social, Organic Social , Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, Analytics, CX, UX. They each deserve a master. It’s OK to have Jack, depending on the complexity of your problem. Our advice? Give us a call, detail your problem, and we’ll be able to ascertain the right crew member to get you a result for the least amount of pain.


Marketing Automation

As if the marketing department’s job wasn’t hard enough – enter marketing automation. You now need to be a business analyst, a front-end developer and a data analyst. Not to mention having an eye for design and a keen hand at copywriting.

Though we’re an Active Campaign partner (and would recommend this in most circumstances), our Marketing Automation team believes that great automations aren’t only dependent on the tool, but on the workflow and logic behind it. We put your outcomes first and provide the right strategic resource to help you meet them. Whether that’s a simple integration to get a dashboard of your sales or setting up an event day automation that keeps your entire sales team accountable, we’ve got the crew.


Event Design & Management

Have a conference in your calendar, a tradeshow or field day on your mind? Don’t feel like you have the capacity to make an impression at your next event and deliver ROI?

May I introduce you to… the 3BY2 Events Crew. A business event is a big investment. You know you need to be present. You don’t want to have your sales team standing like vultures, desperate for engagement. You need to be able to demonstrate a return on your event investment.

Starting from event conceptualisation to being present at the event to guide lead capture, our event specialists have two focuses – deliver the brand promise and deliver ROI.

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